Friday, July 5, 2013

This Is The End

AUDIENCE: No one under 15
RATED: R for crude and sexual content throughout, brief graphic nudity, pervasive language, drug use and some violence.
"The power of Christ compels you!" "Guess what? It's not that compelling."

While 'The Exorcism of Jonah Hill' may not have been successful, 'This Is The End' hits every high note. With one of the most creative plot-lines in recent history, Seth Rogan and friends play hysterical versions of themselves as Judgment Day comes crashing down.

After a bit of lollygagging, the film kicks off with a star-studded party at James Franco's house. Actors, singers, and Michael Cera's alike have gathered to party, smoke pot, drink, and hook up. Rihanna makes a brief appearance, serenading Craig Robinson with the sad truth that they will never sleep together. All is well until the Earth opens up, swallowing Aziz Ansari and most of the guests along with him. This is where the apocalyptic-comedy takes a turn for the best.

While the script is as witty as they come, and the humor is raunchier than 'The Hangover' trilogy, it is the cast that makes this comedy one of the best of the year. James Franco steals the show, portraying a much more likable version of himself than the stoned host millions witnessed at the 2011 Academy Awards. A memorable scene involves Franco distracting an entertaining Danny McBride in an effort to save Rogan and Jay Baruchel, which will send your stomach into severe laughing spasms.

Jonah Hill gets an honorable mention for being the sweetheart of the film. His borderline obsession with Baruchel is always a source of comedic relief, and his impression of the devil puts others to shame. Despite only having one earring the entire film, Hill proves to non-believers why he is one of the current Kings of Comedy.

While there are a few flaws, they are so minor that most won't cringe but laugh at the surprise 'package' on the devil. 'This Is The End' is a true triumph, leaving its audience greatly satisfied once the credits begin to roll. From being robbed by Emma Watson to a fantastic appearance by one of America's favorite boy bands, no one should miss this soon to be cult-classic. This is definitely not the end.

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